Some of our customers are so impressed by our products they have take the time to tell us how great ORÉ Care Plan has been for them! Below is a selection of comments sent to us by some of our delighted ORÉ lovers.

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‘I’ve used many feminine care products over the years and taken countless pills but nothing seems to solve my issues with my whitish discharge and occasional itch until I tried ORÉ. I thank my pharmacist for recommending it and now I feel different on the inside. Something within me has changed and I feel energized and younger. My husband and kids love the new me, and so do I. I feel more balanced and younger and definitely less grumpy, so thanks ORÉ! I am now an ORÉ fan.’

Betty Schmidt, Oregon
‘ORÉ has been the best product I’ve purchased this year. Not only has it helped me feel more like a woman, I actually feel more refreshed as a person. Must be those hormones are finally tamed. My friends actually noticed the glow in my appearance and now they are ORE users too after my telling them about your product. Thank you ORÉ. Definitely a big fan.’
Lisa Schuler, Texas
My initial reaction was that I don’t need it, seriously. I thought that feminine hygiene care products are for those with serious issues, otherwise why use it. It is only when my best friend Beth came looking all different that my curiosity got the better of me. Now I am going all over town telling people about ORÉ. I started with ORÉ CELLMOR, because I was still a bit skeptical about douching after reading all the negative write-ups about douching. Only later I realized that douching is not necessarily bad if you have the right product at hand and seeing the effect that ORÉ CELLMOR had on me convinced me to try out ORÉ Gel+. This smart combination is working brilliantly for me and my partner is a big beneficiary of the outcome. So a big thank you to ORÉ.’
Janine Isler, New York
‘Thank you ORÉ for fulfilling a girl’s dream. I am writing this to share the great news with you guys at ORÉ that I am four months pregnant now. My husband Mick and I have been trying for years to conceive and we have tried out almost all avenues but nothing seems to be happening for us. So when a friend recommended that I try out ORÉ, I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go. That was almost a year ago now. Nothing seemed to happen at first but I continued with ORÉ because I genuinely feel like something within me is changing. Can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but three months ago it finally happened. When I missed my period I rushed to the doctor and here I am, halfway to being a mother, fingers crossed. The Mitchell family is forever indebted.’
Cecilia Mitchell, Michigan
‘My husband never likes using any contraception and for the past two months I was in pain every time we had sex. I’ve been to see a gynecologist and have taken some medication for some inflammation but the same problem reoccurs after a while. I’ve been on the pill for years and since we are planning to start a family I thought I’d lay off the pills for the time being. That is when my colleague asked me to try out ORÉ Gel+. I love it that it works like a contraceptive while reinvigorating my sex drive. Oh did I mention that my pain is gone? Both my husband and I both get what we want from ORÉ. A big hug for you ORÉ!’
Melissa Culridge, Washington
What is Motherwort?

Motherwort has a long and colorful history and its amazing healing properties ensured its prominence in many different cultures. This amazing herb is often used to treat feminine health problems such as premenstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome, hormone imbalance and a host of other problems.The Chinese have been using motherwort as an antidote for menstrual and menopausal disorder for over 3000 years. The Greeks and Romans prescribed it for heart disease, palpitations, depression and herbal painkiller during childbirth. “There is no better herb to take melancholy vapours from the heart and to strengthen it” proclaimed Nicholas Culpeper, the preeminent English herbalist. The Japanese drank it in tea to prolong their life. Kings and emperors have decreed this plant the ‘royal healer’, earning it the title ‘Queen of Herbs’.

What are the active components of ORÉ™ CELLMOR and ORÉ™ Gel +?
ORÉ™ contains the active ingredient leonurine and stachydrine that helps with pre-menstrual syndrome, perimenopausal syndrome and menopausal syndrome. It also helps reduce cramping, ease nerves, balanced hormones, eliminate pathogenic infections and reduce the risk of postpartum depression. Other property such as flavonoid prevents the onset of tumor, damages from free radicals, allergies and inflammations. It also stops bacteria and virus from gaining foothold. The sum total of ORÉ™ would stop the onset of feminine reproductive health problems with rapid effect while keeping your hormones balanced for optimal bodily functions and healthy mental state.
What are ORÉ’s Factors?
ORÉ™ is a 100% natural polypeptide polysaccharide composition made of herbal ingredients fused with the latest in biotechnology to give it the fast acting properties usually associated with chemically induced pharmaceuticals. ORÉ™ is essentially a combination of motherwort and Bioaccel™. Bioaccel™ is a proprietary technology used to boost the bioavailability of motherwort’s active ingredients by up to a factor of 9.
How does ORÉ™ Care Plan help the women’s reproductive health system?
ORÉ™ Care Plan works by clearing out all toxic deposits that have accumulated in the reproductive health system due to a variety of reasons including diet, environmental pollution and chemicals. The revolutionary Bioaccel™ technology employed in ORÉ™ CELLMOR will then rapidly replenish and rebuild the organs associated with your reproductive system at the cellular level by supplementing nutrients and minerals whilst liberating the organs from free radical damages. This will reset your natural bodily functions to its optimum level, allowing your body to self-cleanse, improve immunity against pathogenic infections and much more.
Who will benefit from the ORÉ™ Care Plan?
- Women suffering from pain and itch caused by pathogenic infections (bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, trichomoniasis, atrophic vaginosis, STDs, parasitic infestation)
- Women who has poor sexual wellbeing eg. Pain associated with intercourse, loss of sex drive
- Women who wants to prevent ovarian and cervical cancer
- Women who wants to increase vaginal lubrication and improve sensitivity of vagina
- Women who wants to ensure a healthy reproductive system
Is it safe to start the ORÉ™ Care Plan if I am pregnant?
ORÉ™ Care Plan is not formulated to be catered to pregnant women. Our research does not carry any indication that it will post any harm on pregnant women but we would like to advise you to stop consumption of ORÉ™ CELLMOR and usage of ORÉ™ Gel+ during pregnancy and resume after. In this instance our advice would be to err on the safe side.
How long should I continue with the ORÉ™ Care Plan?

There is no definitive time line for taking preventative measures against feminine health problems. The ORÉ™ Care Plan is designed for long-term reproductive health protection and maintenance of hygiene. We recommend usage of at least 6 months to realize the full benefits of the ORÉ™ Care Plan and to feel young again on the inside and out.For best use of ORÉ™ Gel+ in treating specific conditions, please refer to the chart below.

Treatment Dosage:
What is the best time to start on ORÉ™ Care Plan?
If you haven’t already, the best time to start would be NOW. ORÉ™ Care Plan is aimed to rejuvenate women’s reproductive health system. Healthy or ill, fit or weak, our ORÉ™ Care Plan will benefit you immediately.
Why should I choose ORÉ™ Care Plan over other feminine health products?
ORÉ™ Care Plan is catered towards the interior and exterior functions and parts of the body. It is a complete feminine reproductive health protection package. You will be hard pressed to find comparable products in the market that offers as much protection and benefits as you would in ORÉ™ Care Plan. It is a simple to use, elegant little package that offers women the best protection and solution to their feminine health problems.