In the Annals of Medicine, one herb stood tall among the rest – the Motherwort. The Chinese have been using motherwort as an antidote for menstrual and menopausal disorder for over 3000 years. The Greeks and Romans prescribed it for heart disease, palpitations, depression and herbal painkiller during childbirth. “There is no better herb to take melancholy vapours from the heart and to strengthen it” proclaimed Nicholas Culpeper, the preeminent English herbalist. The Japanese drank it in tea to prolong their life. Kings and emperors have decreed this plant the ‘royal healer’, earning it the title ‘Queen of Herbs’.
Motherwort can be found growing in poor soil or on wastelands. It is native to Europe and Asia but has become naturalized in the United States. Whilst most Motherwort are of the same variant, the research team at GLRC headed by Prof. Bryant Douglas chanced upon a different strain of Motherwort in their search for the natural ingredients to solve feminine reproductive health in a remote part of Florida.
Ponce de Leon is a small little town nestled on the north-eastern arch of Florida. This town first came into Prof. Bryant’s attention when a nationwide survey found that women from this small town seemed to defy statistics on women’s health problems- the women of Ponce de Leon had very little if any of the normal problems faced by women around the country including heart disease, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection and uterine infection.

They also found that physiologically these women were no different from any other American women. It was their diet and active lifestyle, and more importantly their use of Motherwort found near the springs of Ponce de Leon that sets them apart. The people in this small town use motherwort in their cooking and self-prescribe it for all ailments. By using motherwort so liberally, the women of Ponce de Leon managed to avoid many of the common ailments that plague women from all walks of life.

From his studies, Prof. Douglas discovered that the Motherwort found in Ponce de Leon is different from the strains found elsewhere. The potency of its active ingredient is significantly higher than those found in other regions. The research team discovered that this is due to the spring water found nearby that contains high traces of minerals that is conducive for the plants’ growth.

This miraculous strain of Motherwort contains the active ingredient leonurine and stachydrine. If you are like most women, no period goes by without some uncomfortable cramping and Motherwort will help ease those cramps as well as prevent bloating. It also acts as a uterine and vaginal tonic. It encourages blood flow to the pelvic area and helps thicken the tissue of the organs in the area. This will tighten and improve the elasticity of your vaginal walls, as well as help keep you from feeling the urge to pee so often. Hot flashes and waking in the middle of the night sweating? Motherwort will help you solve that too. It will also help improve fertility and balance your hormones. It offers a cure to insomnia and depression and reduces the risk of postpartum depression. On top of all this, it makes your heart stronger and reduces stress. Not least, Motherwort makes cells stronger and decay-resistant. It possesses anti-aging benefits through reducing anti-oxidant activity and preventing growth of abnormal cells.

So why don’t we just go out and grab some Motherwort?

While Motherwort is effectively recognized for its healing properties, you would not be likely to consume enough of Motherwort to actually achieve the claimed benefits. Prof. Bryant and his team spent years looking for a way to allow the active properties of Motherwort and other herbs to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body.

The result is BioAccel™. It is a proprietary technology of GLRC that boosts bioavailability of active ingredients up to 9 times more compared to normal preparations. This makes the delivery of ORÉ Motherwort and other formulated herbs work rapidly to produce instantaneous result without the aid of any chemical ingredients.< READ MORE >