Green Life Research Center (GLRC) is a R&D facility dedicated to the research of naturally fortified nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics. GLRC partners with various universities and research labs to formulated and develop innovative healthcare and beauty products utilizing the best natural ingredients and latest advancements in biotechnology.
Organic Rejuvenating Essence or ORÉ™ has been developed under GLRC to create solutions for feminine health problems. The World Health Organization has for a long time been envisioning a comprehensive solution to sexual and reproductive health problems. Our team of researchers at GLRC has been working on the ORÉ™ project for more than 10 years to understand the complexity of the female reproductive health system. Headed by Prof. Bryant Douglas, who was the lead researcher at UCLA’s Women’s Health Center, they discovered that Motherwort formulated with our proprietary BioAccel™ technology holds the key to the wellbeing of feminine sexual and reproductive health.