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Streets swell to toast war Long before the time for the procession through the city, people streamed into it from all suburbs and some of the special vantage points were thronged for long periods. The procession through Flinders St, the attractions at the showgrounds, and the illuminations in the city attracted the greatest concourse of people ever seen in Townsville. The people of our city, remembering particularly the grim days of 1942, were out to celebrate and forget the anxieties of the war, happily now past. Large congregations attended thanksgiving services in the churches. The procession was representative of the three armed services. Ex servicemen and local bodies marched and numerous appropriate floats went to make up probably the greatest spectacle we have ever seen. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. At the showgrounds sports, a fireworks display, a concert and community singing entertained large crowds throughout the day and evening. The 700 or so ex servicemen who joined

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