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The content of the "title" tag, to the search engine spider, is one of, if not the first piece of content it will ever see on a web page. To the human user, titles are just text at the top of a browser window that may or may not ever be noticed. Titles aren’t quite so important to humans. Human’s generally start from the top of the actual browser display window and move down. Thus your title needs to be geared towards what spiders consider important. These days, most major search engine spiders are, ironically, looking for titles that are "natural" and "human friendly", not obviously finessed specifically for their own consumption. So, though, spiders are your key consumer, you cannot completely forget the human factor. Your title should consist of the site’s core keywords in general order of importance. "General" because you still want a title to "human friendly" and not simply a list of 8 or 9 keywords strung together. Remember that your title will most likely

1982 to approximately 519 in 2002, and then to c.734 in 2004 (Greenwood 1994, Culzac Wilson et al. 2003, Wege D. in litt. It feeds in the canopy, on a wide variety of fruits, seeds and flowers (Raffaele et al. 1998), but sometimes forages in
Cheap nike jerseys partially cultivated areas. Breeding takes place between January and June, peaking in February May, in loose aggregations of approximately 12 individuals, each defending its own nest site but tolerating the close proximity of nearby pairs (Culzac Wilson 2005). During wetter years, birds may not attempt to breed (Culzac Wilson 2005). Deforestation has been the result of forestry activities, the expansion of banana cultivation, charcoal production, the loss of nesting trees felled by trappers seeking young birds for trade, and natural events such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions (Snyder et al. 2000). The introduced nine banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus undermines large trees causing them to topple,
Cheap wholesale jerseys reducing the number of suitable nest trees (Culzac Wilson 2005). A cross

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